May 2019 Climate Dreams

I dreamed I went on a field trip to a nature reserve set up for endangered species. We walked by an apple orchard that wasn’t finished yet and someone in the group commented that it was for the zebras but as long as the people watching the zebras did a good job they wouldn’t need to relocate them to the orchid. A bridge to the secret lake that appears in many of my dreams was washed out because of the raised sea levels.


I dreamt my family and I were trying to find a place to live. Tennessee, where we are now, was no longer safe. Volatile weather meant you could never make plans: tornadoes and floods and lightning and straightline winds. But every time we had an idea where we could live that was safer, that place would have a disaster. There were fires, floods, and avalanches. The sense of futility, hopelessness, and panic was palpable.

Climate Dreams: 3/3/19

I dreamed we had a summit of regular people to decide how to push for action on climate change. One path involved talking to and influencing diplomats somehow. We all felt hopeful by the time I woke up


I dreamt that the clouds were very dark, stretching out over my town, and the rain and wind were so bad we had to stay in the house. I looked outside at the clouds, and saw some big billowing clouds below us. I realized they were rolling down the street, and were not clouds at all, but a torrent of floodwater. I knew the water could come in through our front door, and I woke up from the dream in a panic of thinking about how to get onto our roof to be rescued.

Climate Dreams 1/27/19

I am flying over the area where my family’s cabin is located, but all of the leaves are brown, because of climate change, even though it is summer.


I was in a group of several young women (and was younger than I am now) traveling in a boat without a rigid hull that kept shifting shape and taking on water. I had a camera with a telephoto lens that I was having a lot of trouble keeping dry.

We stopped at a small island, and were diving in shallow water just off the shoreline near a pier for starfish and conch. As the tide started to go out, we thought we’d be able to gather more from the now revealed sea bottom, but we found everything exposed was dead and decaying.

We realized the sea had been bringing fresh live creatures near the shoreline when the waters came in from the deep, but when those waters receded, the lifeless sand at the foundation of the shore was revealed. It smelled like shit with streaks of brown, black, and gray.

We were able to get our failing boat to a bigger island and catch a plane. As the plane headed out, we flew low over the islands (which I thought of as the Bahamas). You could see the islands had been reduced to piles of sand because of storms and development. You could see how the islands had been dredged and reshaped to create “driveways” for boats to reach the houses of the wealthy. But now the houses were abandoned and the waterways among them were filled with stagnant brown water.

One of the young women asked why the water was brown now instead of the clear blue in which we had been diving. I answered (back to my current age) because they are full of shit, from the boats emptying their waste directly into the water.

We flew over island after island, silently, bearing witness to the devastation. The people were gone. There was no greenery. The waters were stagnant between the various islands. Eventually, the plane ascended, and we flew away feeling a sense of impending doom.


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So it begins again…

Over a year ago I began collecting dreams, The 45 Dreams Project, gathering and examining dreams of the 45 president of the United States. I first gathered dreams of my friends, acquaintances, and my psychotherapy clients (with permission and all shared anonymously) as well as any on topic dream posted anonymously to the comments section at the blog-site. I then opened up a @45dreamsblog twitter account and began searching, retweeting, and gathering submitted dreams on Twitter. The end result was over 3,000 dreams which began to reveal clear patterns of our collective unconscious hopes and fears. Finally, as I began writing an examination of these dreaming themes, I began posting one thematic “chapter”  – organized around representative dreams –  each month at the site.

At the suggestion of a friend on Twitter, I have decided to start a new collection project  – focusing this time on our individual and collective psyche’s response to  the planetary climate crises that endangers us all.

What do we fear will be our downfall?

How do we hope to save ourselves?

What do we need to accept and to mourn?

How do we live and act meaningfully through the end of an unsustainable era, and what do we imagine will come next for us, if anything?

Feel free to share this page – and to submit your dreams to this blog in the comments section on any page. All dreams submitted here will be stripped of identifying information and posted anonymously.  You may also use twitter to forward or submit dreams – @climatedreams – publicly or privately via DM.

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