Climate Dreams: September 2022

I am with a group of people who I don’t realize are dangerous to my daughter. I leave her alone with them for a moment and by the time I find her they have harmed her already. I pick her up and she asks “Am I safe?” I reassure her that she is, but I realize this is a cult and she will not be safe until we flee it. We spend the rest of the dream trying to get away, but cult members are everywhere. ~ Anonymous


I was in a dance studio which is in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, however the studio looked bigger more like a gym with large windows. I was there for a dance workshop with a lot of other people. The studio suddenly was near the sea, and a bunch of water was flooding the studio. It seemed harmless at the time, only for the damage to the furniture and the building. We moved inland away from the water, however, it kept coming in…I kept running, slowly leaving people behind, and meeting new people at different points. People were trying to barricade the water away too…I kept moving inland but the water would just keep coming…and then I woke up. ~ Anonymous

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