This is a dream collection run by Martha M. Crawford, LCSW.

I am interested in paying close attention to dreams and their response to our collective challenges.

What guidance does our psyche offer?

How does the individual and collective unconscious respond to the strain of this moment in history?

I am a former psychotherapist with 30 years in practice, a workshop and group facilitator and writer, I am a member of Climate Psychology Alliance North America, and encourage others to join us or support their work.

You can learn more about my work and my varied projects at my website: What a Shrink Thinks.

You may  also visit my other dream collection: The 45 Dreams Project which examines the collected dreams of the 45th President of the United States, and read more about that dream collection here in the New Yorker.

I plan on using this site to gather dreams, post my findings, and share my reflections about our unconscious instincts about the planetary crisis we must all face.

Please feel free to post any dreams you have had about our destabilizing climate in the comments section – they will be anonymized before they are posted.

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