Climate Dreams: July 2022

A woman gave a talk. She was an artist. She made art about the Arctic and climate change. She had made a film, I think, which we watched, and it had sea creatures in it. And she was very clear that all hope is lost. At the end of it I was crying. I think I was on a ship or a boat; there were people all around. Then a sailor found me and tapped me on the arm and gave me something from her – it was a gift, a kind of starfish? It was black and velvety; I’m not sure if it was alive or It was an artwork. But she had wanted me to have it, because she knew that I had received her film in the right way. I began looking for her on the ship. People were dressed up as though for a Christmas party. I was only wearing one shoe and I needed to find the other. It was a bit like Selfridge’s department store, and I was also looking for a Christmas present for my partner. At one point I was holding a flat cap. Somewhere there was an assistant who could help me buy the right present. Someone recommended by magazines, perhaps Virgil Abloh. I still had the black velvety starfish in my hand.


I have a recurring dream I’m on the top floor of a building. For some reason, I know there is going to be an earthquake and the building is going to collapse. I try to warn people. The whole time, for some social reason (it’s an important meeting, a family reunion, a debate—this part changes), I can’t get a word in.


If you would like to submit a dream feel free to comment on any page. All dreams will be stripped of identifying information before posting unless you indicate you would like to be credited.

You can also read along with dreams collected from Twitter @climatedreams

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