Climate Dreams: February 2021

I had just gotten into the first subway car (the one where there’s a window so you can see what the driver sees) and I was going into the city from Queens. Once we had pulled out of the station the conductor made an announcement that due to debris on the track we might have a bit of a turbulent ride or maybe even bee derailed. When I started feeling the shakiness of the train I looked out and saw it was people on the track, those people littered or used plastic bags when other alternatives were offered to them. And they had a sign around their neck that said what they did. And after they were all killed we continued as normal except we weren’t going to Manhattan now. We were in a beautiful rural area and surrounded by mountains and a freshwater lake. There were regular lions on the top of the mountain and bird too, penguins and dodos. We went swimming in the lake but we were pushed up and outwards by the braking of a dam. And there were wolves in the water. And they were all drowning, but the humans weren’t drowning because we were on a red carpet which was on the water. I went back to that location a day later I’m guessing for my aunts wedding. It was so horrendous though, the lions that were there before, were on a thickish slab of ice. They had cubs, none of which had hair, and they were all stuck in one position like they were frozen in time. One mother lion grooming her cub another mother watching two cubs play fight. And there were small animals like skunks porcupines in a vending machine because that was the only way they could cool off. I didn’t realize until a bit later the lake was now machine operated in the one day I was gone it had dried out and it was basically a pool now. And I called peta and some other service I’m guessing parks and recreation and informed them about it and instead of tending to the animals they asked if I was okay, but these animals came up right next to them and started dying. But he did nothing. And PETA hadn’t gotten there by the time I woke up. ~ Anonymous

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