Climate Dreams: May 2019

I dreamed I went on a field trip to a nature reserve set up for endangered species. We walked by an apple orchard that wasn’t finished yet and someone in the group commented that it was for the zebras but as long as the people watching the zebras did a good job they wouldn’t need to relocate them to the orchid. A bridge to the secret lake that appears in many of my dreams was washed out because of the raised sea levels.


I dreamt my family and I were trying to find a place to live. Tennessee, where we are now, was no longer safe. Volatile weather meant you could never make plans: tornadoes and floods and lightning and straightline winds. But every time we had an idea where we could live that was safer, that place would have a disaster. There were fires, floods, and avalanches. The sense of futility, hopelessness, and panic was palpable.

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