So it begins again…

Over a year ago I began collecting dreams, The 45 Dreams Project, gathering and examining dreams of the 45 president of the United States. I first gathered dreams of my friends, acquaintances, and my psychotherapy clients (with permission and all shared anonymously) as well as any on topic dream posted anonymously to the comments section at the blog-site. I then opened up a @45dreamsblog twitter account and began searching, retweeting, and gathering submitted dreams on Twitter. The end result was over 3,000 dreams which began to reveal clear patterns of our collective unconscious hopes and fears. Finally, as I began writing an examination of these dreaming themes, I began posting one thematic “chapter”  – organized around representative dreams –  each month at the site.

At the suggestion of a friend on Twitter, I have decided to start a new collection project  – focusing this time on our individual and collective psyche’s response to  the planetary climate crises that endangers us all.

What do we fear will be our downfall?

How do we hope to save ourselves?

What do we need to accept and to mourn?

How do we live and act meaningfully through the end of an unsustainable era, and what do we imagine will come next for us, if anything?

Feel free to share this page – and to submit your dreams to this blog in the comments section on any page. All dreams submitted here will be stripped of identifying information and posted anonymously.  You may also use twitter to forward or submit dreams – @climatedreams – publicly or privately via DM.

Watch this site and the twitter feed to watch the collection grow.

If you find this project of value and would like to support it:

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